Justin Rempel

Justin Rempel

Software and Video Game Developer

Owner of Spacewave Software

Creator of Rival Megagun

I'm Justin. I like to make stuff. Especially video games!

I am a software developer with 10 years of experience in the industry. I have experience leading teams and working closely with external clients. I have shipped games on all major platforms. I also have my own company where I released my indie game “Rival Megagun”. I am always interested in hearing about creative projects with opportunities to learn something new!

My specialities:

  • Software: Video Games, Web, Tools
  • Skills: Unity, C#, Unreal, C++, Python, JavaScript
  • Platforms: IOS, Android, Nintendo Switch, Xbox, PlayStation, Steam


Rival Megagun logo
Rival Megagun Award 1 Rival Megagun Award 2 Rival Megagun Award 3 Rival Megagun Award 4

“Rival Megagun is the most fun we had at Tokyo Game Show 2018” - Polygon

Rival Megagun | PVP Battle Shmup

Unity C# Online Multiplayer Steam PS4 Xbox One Nintendo Switch

Highlights of my work:

  • Built the entire game from the ground up with my own blood, sweat, and tears
  • Coordinated a team of talented creatives to bring the project to life
  • Developed everything including gameplay, UI, online multiplayer, AI, localization, and tools
  • Implemented platform-specific features such as achievements, leaderboards, and save data

Project facts:

  • Localized in 10 languages
  • Launched worldwide in partnership with Degica
  • Released simultaneously on PC, PS4, Xbox One, and Nintendo Switch
Magic The Gathering Arena logo

Magic The Gathering Arena | Digital Collectible Card Game

Android IOS Unity

Highlights of my work:

  • Lead teams to implement features for mobile handheld devices.
  • Coordinated with partners to gather requirements, prioritize work, present solutions, and align our teams.
  • Built portable data-driven system to support dynamic card layouts and functionality across multiple platforms and aspect ratios.

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